nature is pissed
i'm tired of being told what to think
abolish government
arm the homeless
capitalism kills me
fuck yeah i'm weird
i'm so fucking beautiful
let my people go
fuck work
america eats its young
annoy the boring
i guess i was punk once
i am killing the earth!
keep music evil
let's invade saturn next
stop living like veal
why obey morons?
you are stupid and evil and do not know that you are stupid and evil.
your kids are tripping
you are not what you own
gasoline kills
nobody owns you
i love this bike
i love you
art not apathy

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Tue Jan 23 2024:
Stickers are approximately 1.3" tall and 9" long, printed on vinyl.
I'm experimenting with resin-on-vinyl printing and the white isn't as white as I'd like (the photos lie). I may change some or all back to screenprinting. Feedback appreciated.
Inventory is theoretically limited but please request what you'd like.
International shipping is open but I might use the slow service. Please use the order box to show me how your address should be formatted and leave any notes about how to/not to ship.
Srini dropped off the face of the 'net. This is an unauthorized fan reboot (tho I met Srini a few times and was kind of a friend-of-a-friend... Srini, if you're out there, I hope you're well and you're not mad). These are a tiny few of the incredible selection Srini had before. If you have requests from the old catalog,, drop me an email or add comments to the order box. If I don't get to your requests right away, please check back later, or follow on Mastodon. I'll continue to add the most popular requests and the requests that I like the most.
Data rention policy: I delete all of your data as soon as I ship your order, which should be within a few days or a week.
Questions or problems, please contact scott at this address.

photograph of the rest of the same stickers listed in the catalog layed out.  this photo is without flash and more accurately illustrates how the white-on-black printing isn't quite entirely white.  fuck work was the first sticker and Srini founded Unamerican after that.  is that bugging you as much as it bugs me?
photograph of the same stickers as listed in the catalog layed out and photographed (above is scaled down digital artwork)
dozens of piles of various white-on-black stickers almost all of which I don't have